Matching with people with LEARNING

Why Cultural Fit is Crucial for Education and Employment

The StoryMatcher can help a country find the best people for its specific needs by sourcing and matching individuals based on their functional and cultural fit. This is particularly important for a country that relies on education as its main resource and suffers from a shortage of skilled labor.

The tool can be used to connect these countries with individuals who are motivated to stay and work within the local economy. By working with existing educational institutions to create learning opportunities that are tailored to the local economy, the StoryMatcher can help ensure that the country is producing the right talent for its needs.

The resulting increase in the placement likelihood of new hires can be attributed to the tool’s ability to match individuals with a culture and location that they enjoy and that fits their unique skillsets.

The StoryMatcher can be sponsored by local business organizations to support the sourcing and placement of new talent and to promote continued learning and development as a means to meet the country’s ongoing needs.

Empowering Educational Institutions to Attract and Retain Talent

The StoryMatcher facilitates students’ learning journey by matching them with appropriate educational opportunities, supporting their lifelong learning journey, and helping institutions attract and retain the right students.

Are you finding it challenging to attract and retain the right students? Are you concerned about the high dropout rate and the difficulties of matching students with appropriate opportunities? These issues can have a significant impact on your institution, leading to decreased funding, low enrollment, and a damaged reputation.

The StoryMatcher is here to help.

Our tool can help address these challenges by matching students with opportunities tailored to their needs and interests. By using the StoryMatcher, you can increase the likelihood of placing your graduates in appropriate positions and support their lifelong learning journey by connecting them with new opportunities.

After completing their high school education, a student can use the tool to identify educational opportunities that are functionally and culturally appropriate for them. With the StoryMatcher, they can explore various options and find a learning path that matches their unique skillset and interests. Once they have completed their education, alumni managers can help place them in appropriate positions, and the tool can continue to support their lifelong learning journey by connecting them with new opportunities that match their evolving needs.