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What is the story behind the StoryMatcher?
Why are we doing this and who is involved?


Since the dawn of humanity, storytelling has been a part of our existence. We have conveyed our stories through words, paintings, stone carvings, and books. These traditions from our past help define our origins and who we are. They offer valuable insights into cultural aspects, relationship structures, contextual details, and personal belief patterns.

We recognize that stories can serve as a bridge between people or organizations. People connect with others (or services) whose stories resonate with their own.

We have curated, evaluated, and categorized these stories into a treasure trove. You can peruse this collection and choose the stories that speak to you. Whether it’s for career growth, partnership, training, travel destinations, or personal transformation, you can decide where to take your next meaningful step.


We have been invited to the Trusted Seed Unconference to talk about the StoryMatcher and its potential.

Hear in 10 minutes for yourself, how the idea was born and how you can benefit from its features.

TS Unconference: Shala StoryMatcher Networking, 06.12.2022
Please watch until 17:40 (10 minutes)


Rainer von Leoprechting

Sepp Kirchengast

Pavel Charny
Business development

Stefan Tilg

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