Matching people with WORK

For people who look for their next assignment

Instead of reading many job descriptions, I can focus on those jobs, where I have the best chances.

Rainer von Leoprechting

Knowledge workers today look for work with meaning and personal fulfillment.
This could be your applicant experience with your job portal using the StoryMatcher plugin:

I am invited to share the vision of success that is most important for me in my work. I select my personally relevant stories from many stories I can read on the portal’s website. Once I’ve selected some four or more of them, I have access to open positions and see those that are most relevant to me. If I apply to one of the top positions, I already know that my application is in the top list for the recruiters as well, so reassuring for me.

Instead of reading many job descriptions, I can focus on those jobs, where I have the best chances. I use my time to present myself well and have the reasonable expectation that I’ll meet people who like the ways I want to work.

For hiring managers and HR staff in recruitment

Retention is the new recruiting.

An essential topic within the HR community

Differentiate yourself from the crowd of other hiring options, and communicate that people find their personal meaning within your company.

Focus careers on what is driving success in your organisation. Managers and HR staff exchange on what makes the team successful and which stories best describe this.

Retention is the new Recruiting

The question to employees is: “How would you like to work with us in the future?”

The employees themselves find the job environments they want to work in, and the job opportunities almost arise by themselves.

Employees do not need to apply themselves for new positions. The company offers the positions that best suit them, whether for current or future positions. To this end, the company has developed job scenarios that describe how work is currently done and how it will be done in some future.

The positions can be filled with the employees who are seeking to exactly work as the scenario suggest. Your current staff is the best pipeline for the upcoming work assignments.

For a new strategic orientation of the whole company

What type of employees do we need to handle the challenges of the future? Once we realign our strategy afresh, what kind of people will we need to attract to our company?
If not attended to people easily lose their attachment with the company.

The new and highly unknown challenges of the future require continuously to re-align the strategies and the business. This brings up new positions and calls for employees who can meet the partially new requirements.

If you have a StoryMatcher database with your employees and their story selections on file, you can swiftly put together the newly emerging job environments with the appropriate teams.

Your leadership pipeline will deploy appropriate quality managers in such cases. Being ready at all times to find the right employees for the right (and often new) jobs keeps your talented employees in the company and clearly provides a competitive advantage.