Matching people with PEOPLE

For people who search their soul partner

Most dating apps offer too many opportunities for dates, creating too much noise that makes it harder to focus on finding the best fit.

So, what is the best fit?

We define it as the connection between people who share a similar meaning-making process. This creates a sweet spot of connection where there is a common understanding without the need for explanations. It feels like you’ve always known each other.

Actually, StoryMatcher doesn’t match you with another person. Instead, it matches the story that you hold with the story that the other person holds. If you both aspire for similar stories, you’ll get matched.

With StoryMatcher, you don’t have to scroll through countless profiles anymore. You’ll only receive a short list of potential partners, allowing you to focus on those that are the best match for you.

For couples revisiting their relationship

Couples go through various revisiting moments with each other.

Imagine that after being in a relationship for four years, you may be considering starting a family, buying a house, moving to another country, or quitting your job to focus on freelance work. These are not easy decisions and they depend on your partner’s desires as well. How can you ensure that you both want to take these steps together into the future? By comparing your storylines, you gain insight into how well your current and future desires align. What changes do you need to make to keep your relationship strong? Or, if your future paths are different, how can you best care for each other in your differences?

Or at a later stage, you’ve been together for 30 years, raised a family, and are about to retire. Many things are changing at once. Is your partnership strong enough to continue? What needs to change or remain for both of you to want to stay together for the rest of your lives? By comparing your current and future storylines, you can evaluate the quality of your alignment. You may even seek personal counseling to help you gain perspective. This is your chance to deepen your relationship or move on to a new chapter.

The StoryMatcher illuminates meaning and joy. It will support you to let go of what doesn’t feel right any more and to focus on where you align.

For people who travel, make music, start a company, …

If you’re looking to spend time with people who share your values and desires, StoryMatcher can help you narrow down the list of potential companions. This is especially important when planning a personal cruise, as you’ll want to ensure that all participants share a mutual relationship.

However, this isn’t about finding people who are the same as you.

It’s about aligning your current mindset and future aspirations with your travel, music, or co-founders.

Imagine this scenario:

You’ve invited a few friends to join you on an adventure, but halfway through, differences in beliefs and ways of thinking start to create roadblocks. Eventually, the team breaks apart. What went wrong? If the initial purpose of your invitation wasn’t consciously aligned with each companion’s story, and some had to compromise significantly to stay part of the team, this is one of the more fundamental reasons why disagreements arise.

StoryMatcher helps you attract people who fit your story and purpose, allowing you to select the best people for the adventure from a shortlist. This alignment makes the adventure more meaningful for everyone involved.