Making meaningful connections.

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Online platforms for Human connections promise to bring people together for a desired shared future experience.

Still, users of job portals or dating platforms can’t really find the meaningful connections they seek for.

Our StoryMatcher intends to change that.

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Desired Identity brings people together

The more we share stories for our intended future, the more we are likely to engage and ‘do’ it with each other.


Mental capacity expressed through stories

If one knows the types of stories one is identifying with, one can derive their capacity for holding responsibilities


Social Cultures become visible through stories

Since the beginning of human language, meaning, norms and what it is to be human has been understood and transmitted through stories.


Let’s Match UP

Together we’ll find ways to connect people beyond belonging. Join the StoryMatcher tribe today.

Through stories, qualitative analysis of cultures and human desires become possible.

Choose your own storyline and match yourself with other people and content in various contexts.

The treasure trove of stories

People are invited to speak about success, increasing engagement and personal alignment. We then identify the typical cultural drivers, strategic orientations and cultural patterns present.


In conjunction with data from various sources, complex human searches, choices and decisions can be facilitated through computing.

Opportunities to implement the StoryMatcher are vast. The journey has only begun.

Innovative Opportunities

Stories are holistic. They contain a multiple set of qualitative data in one unit.“

— Rainer von Leoprechting, Founder

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